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Hi! I’m Spencer Butler.


I’m not your normal agent. Truth be told, I’m not your normal <insert noun>. I’ve lived a few different lives — all leading to this REALTOR® world. Now that I can, legally, refer to myself as a REALTOR®, I intend to make great use of it.


I have been a wandering member of the Punk Rock community since I was 15 years old. I have seen many bands, in many cities, and participated in many pits. I have made a lot of great friends that are still very much a part of my network. I have also been a Linux Systems Administrator for the better part of 25 years. Between the punks and the geeks, I have accumulated quite the eclectic network of friends.


Understanding how, and why things work has always been my go-to motivator. As I write this text, I am new to Real Estate, and do not have a complete grasp of how it works. It is my goal to learn, grow, and better understand this REALTOR® world — so that I can help others reach their Real Estate Goals. Once I have a better understanding of Real Estate, I will update my BIO to reflect that knowledge. 

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